Ulster Bank Current Accounts

Foundation Account 

An account with no overdraft facility or cheque book

What is a Foundation account?

The Foundation account is a straightforward bank account which can help you with managing your money. We might need to offer you this account if you are ineligible for one of our other bank accounts, or if we think that it is more suitable for your circumstances at the time of applying. Please note currently only Ukrainian refugees can apply for this account directly. Eligibility criteria applies. If you are looking to apply, please visit our Ukrainian refugee support page.

Overdrafts are not available and no interest or charges can be applied.

What comes with our Foundation account?

  • There’s no monthly fee.
  • You will receive a contactless Debit Card for withdrawing cash and making purchases.
  • Access to our secure, easy-to-use mobile banking app.
  • Emergency Cash service if your Debit Card is lost or stolen.

You will only be offered our Foundation account if you apply for one of our other accounts but do not qualify. If you are interested in banking with us, start by having a look at our account options.

Additional features

Additional features

Everyday support

You can set up text alerts and manage Direct Debits in a convenient way to pay for household bills or memberships to gyms etc.

Mobile banking app

Our mobile banking app is available to Anytime Banking customers aged 11+ with a compatible iOS and Android device and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

Banking to suit you

Access your account wherever, whenever.

Would you like to apply for a bank account?

You are able to complete your online application for a bank account with us today, and we will let you know during the process if we need to offer you the Foundation account instead. If this is the case, you will be given the choice of whether to continue.

Our simple, everyday bank account, with no monthly fee

This is our basic bank account, which comes with all the essential features for your day-to-day banking. No monthly fee.

Information Message

Our other current accounts

We offer multiple other accounts, including accounts designed for children, teenagers and students, and also accounts which offer existing customers additional benefits.

Information Message

Ukrainian refugee account opening

We have created a dedicated page which has all the support you need to open your account with us. The page is also available in Ukrainian and Russian and has useful information to support refugees.

Information Message

I already have a Ukrainian refugee account

If you have already opened a Ukrainian refugee account, below are translations of your additional welcome message.

Please click the below link to read your additional welcome message in Ukrainian.

Для ознайомлення із цим листом українською мовою натисніть сюди (PDF, 72KB)

Please click the below link to read your additional welcome message in Russian.

Нажмите здесь для прочтения данного сообщения э/почты на русском языке (PDF, 71KB)