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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
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My mortgage deal is ending soon

Will I be notified my deal is ending?

6 months before your residential mortgage deal is due to end we will send you a reminder letter advising you of your current home value, outstanding mortgage balance, remaining term and repayment type. This letter will also explain how you can view the range of mortgage deals available for you to choose from.  

If your deal is due to end soon and you've not yet received this letter, or if you have a Buy to let mortgage, please book an appointment with a mortgage professional to discuss your options.


What could we offer you?

We can offer a clear and simple range of mortgage rates, many with no upfront fees.

To help you understand what deals might be available to you, it’s handy to know your loan to value (LTV). We’ll obtain an estimate of your property value using a House Price Index which will be used to calculate your new LTV. This will be shown in the letter you will have received and is worked out as a percentage of the current balance of your mortgage in relation to the value of your home.

As an existing customer, we already have your details and you won’t need to complete new credit or affordability checks provided you keep the same mortgage amount and repayment type. 


Important information

Your options

If you’re happy with your new Standard Variable Rate, there is no need to take any action. However, you could seek an alternative rate.

Renew online

If you simply want to choose a new rate and are confident to do this without our advice, you can view new deals and switch online using our self-service tool: 

  1. Click below to view mortgage deals.
  2. Input your mortgage details as provided in your reminder letter.
  3. Choose a new deal.
  4. Input your mortgage account number and contact telephone number and confirm your selection.

We’ll then send your new deal offer documents.

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Renew with advice

If you’d like us to recommend the right deal for you or you’re looking to change your mortgage term or apply to borrow more: 

  1. Book an appointment with one of our mortgage advisers.
  2. We’ll set you up on our secure online paperless portal to upload any relevant documents before your appointment.
  3. One of our mortgage advisers will work with you to recommend the right deal for you – this might take around an hour. You’ll get your offer back to your secure online portal – no need to wait for the post. 


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Things to consider when choosing your new deal

Whether you're rolling off your current deal or are already on our Standard Variable Rate (SVR), we could have an option to suit your circumstances. You may also want to think about:

  • How important is it that your monthly payment remains the same for an agreed period of time?
  • How you feel about changes in interest rates, and the impact that this could have on your monthly mortgage payment?
  • How you feel about lower monthly payments in the early years, even if they fluctuate?
  • Do you see any changes in your circumstances within the next 2 to 5 years that could impact your finances?

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