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Can I use my card abroad?

Pay with your Ulster card and you won’t need to risk carrying loads of foreign currency, or get stressed about losing it. Here are our tips for worry-free spending abroad. Take our top tips away with you.

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    Pay by card in the local currency

    Whether you’re paying in a restaurant, bar or local souvenir shop, don’t agree to the transaction being in sterling. It could cost you more than paying in the local currency. Point-of-sale conversion rates are set by the retail outlet and they’re usually higher.

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    We’ve got your back with a chargeback

    If something goes wrong and you’ve used your Ulster debit or credit card, we could help you get your money back through a chargeback. Chat to Cora in the mobile app, online banking or through our website about ‘chargeback’ for more information. 

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    Lost card? App to the rescue.

    It’s a horrible feeling when you think you’ve lost your card or it’s been stolen. Our Mobile App lets you freeze it for as long as you need to look for it. If your card still doesn’t turn up, there’s no need to worry. Just keep it frozen, contact us and we’ll sort everything out.

    Find out how to freeze your card

    Don't forget to register your card for travel

    You can register your card in the app. Just give us 24 hours notice and you’re good to go.

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    Go contactless 

    Paying with your Ulster card keeps things simple. You could even use contactless like you do at home. Look for the usual symbol and a simple tap works in any lingo.

Important Fee Information

Register your card in the mobile app before you go

Enter the details of your trip in 'Home> Choose your account> Manage my card & Google Pay> Going Abroad> Register card' section of the mobile app.

  • App available to customers aged 11+ with compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries. 
  • You can register one trip at a time. It can include up to seven countries and last 90 days. Register each country you are visiting. The marker will apply to all debit cards in your name. Joint account holders should register separately. 

Card Currency Calculator

Try our card currency calculator and you could get a clearer picture of your conversion rates and charges while using your debit, credit or savings card abroad.


'Adios' to foreign transaction fees

With The Ulster Bank Credit Card, you won’t pay foreign transaction fees when you make purchases abroad.

Representative 12.9% APR (variable) 

More about this card

To apply, you must hold a current account, savings account, credit card or mortgage with Ulster Bank, be a UK resident, aged 18+ and earning at least £10K per year


Travel Money

  • Using cash abroad. Carrying a bit of cash can be quite handy for taxi fares or markets. Try not to take more than you’ll need and keep it safe when you’re out and about. You can split it across different places like your wallet, a secure bag and a money belt. 
  • Order before you go. Want to take a bit of foreign cash with you? Exchange rates are usually more expensive at the airport. Try to order your currency in advance.  Getting money from a cash machine abroad can come at a cost. You’ll most likely be charged a non-sterling transaction fee for each withdrawal.

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