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You'll discover how banking can be made easy.

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It's the quickest way to check your balances and transactions
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Login securely with fingerprint and facial recognition on selected devices
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Pay others with account details, phone numbers or saved payees. Criteria applies
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24/7 help available from our digital assistant Cora or a live web agent through “message us”

Step-by-step guide to getting the app

Follow the instructions below to register for the app. If you don't already have Anytime Banking, you can register for it here too.

  1. 01

      Open the Ulster Bank app and tap 'I'm already a customer' to get started. Don't worry if you don't have the details listed on the next screen, you can reset or set them up now. Tap 'Get started' to read and accept the Mobile Banking Terms.

  2. 02

      Enter your Anytime Banking customer number. If you don't have this, then tap 'What's my customer number?' to continue.

  3. 03

      Enter in the requested characters from your Anytime Banking PIN and Password. Again, if you don't have these tap 'Forgotten secure details?' to continue.

  4. 04

      We will then confirm your mobile phone number. In most cases this will happen automatically or by simply entering the activation code that we text to you.

  5. 05

      Choose a passcode to log into the app. If your device has facial or fingerprint recognition, you can choose to log in with that later.

Congratulations, you have finished setting up the Ulster Bank mobile app!

When you log in, just tap the 'Help' button on the bottom if you have any questions.

Not ready to get the app yet?

No problem, we've got some great information to help you feel confident with Ulster Bank app.

What's new in the Ulster Bank app?

Save your spare change with Round Ups

Pay with your debit card and we'll round up the amount to the nearest pound, then send the spare change to your savings account.

Save little and often and the pennies soon add up.

Eligibility criteria and limits apply.

Pay in cheques securely using our app

You can now pay in your cheques anytime, anywhere. Just take a photo of the front and back of the cheque using our app and the money will be paid into your account. It's simple, secure and saves you a trip to the branch.

Limits apply.

Budget better, spend less

Spending will put your transactions in to categories, giving you a detailed view of where your money is going.

Available to customers aged 16+. Only available for Personal and Premier Current accounts.

Download the app

  1. On your mobile or tablet, open the camera and point your device at the QR code
  2. A link will pop up, tap this, and you’ll be taken straight to download the app


Not able to scan the QR code? 

You can still download the app by following the below instructions

  1. On your mobile or tablet, go to the App Store if using Apple or Google Play if using Android
  2. Search for 'Ulster Bank NI Mobile Banking'
  3. Tap to download the app 

Get the app

Experience the quickest way to manage your money

Get the app

Experience the quickest way to manage your money