Documents we may need to see before opening your account

Opening an account

Verifying your identity

When you apply for a bank account we always try to verify your details electronically, but sometimes we need to see physical proof. If you apply online or over the telephone we will be in touch if we require any further information from you. You can provide this documentation in one of three ways:

Proof of identity and address

We can verify both your identity and address using a full Northern Ireland/UK/Republic of Ireland driving licence or provisional licence

Don't have a driving licence? We'll need to see one valid and original item from the list below to verify your identity. We will also need to see a separate document to verify your address.

  • Current valid signed Passport
  • Electoral Identity Card including photograph
  • Birth Certificate (if you are aged 20 or under)
  • National Identity Card including photograph
  • Translink Senior Citizens Smart Pass
  • Biometric Residence Permit

Proof of address

We require one valid and original item from the list below to confirm your address:

Document checklist:

  • One original document to verify your identity (photocopy must be certified if you are posting it to us)
  • One original document to verify your address
  • Documents must be valid, original and dated within the required date ranges

Proof of student status

We require one original item from the list below to confirm your student status. It must be valid for the current academic year and issued within the last six months.

  • Letter of acceptance, enrolment or offer
  • Confirmation of place
  • Request for payment (must include a reference number) 

Proof of affordability

For loans, credit card and current account applications we may require some of the documentation below to verify your income. Your application pack will detail exactly what we require.

  • A payslip (no more than eight weeks old) 
  • Three month's bank statements (last transaction date no more than eight weeks ago)
  • One month's statement for each credit card held (dated within the last 40 days)
  • Proof of mortgage/rental payments 
  • Statements for any other existing finance agreements 
  • One month's statement for any credit union accounts (if applicable), dated within the last 40 days
  • Two years tax assessments or finalised accounts as proof of any declared rental income

Documents we are unable to accept for proof of identity and address

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