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Apple Pay & Google Pay™ are here!

You asked, we made it happen.

It makes paying a breeze for your child and you'll keep the same level of parental controls.

●     Pay with their phone - no problem if their Rooster Card is left at home

●     An easier way to pay online or in app - no need to fill out long forms or create new accounts

●     Secure contactless payments with every purchase

●     Their card details are never shared with merchants

*Apple Pay is available on selected Apple devices. Child must be aged 13 + to use this service.

**Google Pay is available on Android 7 or higher. Child must be aged 13+ to use this service.

Google Pay and Google Wallet are trademarks of Google LLC.

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Pick a card, any card.

Making choices is a big part of growing up.

Even if your child already has a Rooster Card, they can pick from our trio of free designs, or you could upgrade to something a bit special like a cat or a games controller.

(Some card designs are subject to availability and may incur a cost)

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Rooster Run

Try out our digital game, and discover the world of NatWest Rooster Money.

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The Pocket Money Index 2022-2023

Wondering what the average pocket money for kids by age is? How about where kids are spending the most pocket money? NatWest Rooster Money have dug into the data so that you can find out the average pocket money kids have been receiving, where they are spending their money, and what they are saving-up for the most. 

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