All you need to know about managing your eSavings account



This account is no longer available to new customers

Managing your account

Online or on the mobile app

You need to register for Anytime Banking in order to manage your account online or through our mobile app.

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Secure transfers using a Card Reader

To keep your money safe you'll need a card reader to transfer money out of your account for the first time. You can find out how to order one here. If you don't already have an Ulster Bank account with a debit card we will send you an Anytime Banking card and PIN when you first order the reader. These will arrive separately within 10 working days.

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Pay money in by online transfer only

All you need is your account number and sort code. 

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No minimum balance

There is no minimum balance, but there is a maximum balance of £5,000,000.

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General account information

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