Current account switch

Switch to Ulster Bank and get our £200 offer today 

Get our £200 offer when you switch to Ulster Bank

Apply online or via our mobile app to switch a current account held elsewhere using the Current Account Switch Service into a Ulster Bank account from 15 February 2024.

Deposit £1,250 into your account and log in to our mobile banking app within 60 days. App eligibility criteria apply. 

When you meet these conditions, we'll pay £200 into your eligible account within 7 days

Your switch must fully complete to receive the incentive, this means your old bank account will close and any funds and Direct Debits will move over to us. The deposit of £1,250 can be made up of multiple credits and must remain in the account for 24 hours. If you've previously received a switcher incentive from NatWest Group since 01 January 2020, you will not be eligible for this offer. Offer can be withdrawn or amended at any time. Account eligibility criteria apply. Account fees may apply.

Switch offer T&Cs apply (PDF, 166KB)

A Guide to Switching Current Accounts (PDF, 3MB)

How does the Current Account Switch Service work?

How does the Switch process work?

Step 1 

The Current Account Switch Service will contact your old bank and they confirm if the switch can go ahead.

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Step 2 

Your new account will then be set up and your payments, like your salary and bill payments will be moved across.

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Step 3 

We talk to your old bank about transferring your balance over. On day 7 your balance will then be transferred and your old account will be closed. And that's your switch complete!

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Switching with third party permissions

If you have given permissions to third party providers to make payments on your behalf, or to access your financial information, access to these services won’t be transferred automatically to your new account as part of the Current Account Switch Service.

Frequently asked questions

Ready to switch?

To help your switch progress as smoothly as possible, please ensure your personal details are the same on both your Ulster Bank account and the account you’d like to move. If you are moving a joint account, this can only be switched to a joint account in the same names.

Already have an Ulster Bank current account? 

As you already have a current account with us you can start the process straight away.

Just tell us the details for the account you want to switch (account numbers, names and sort codes) and we'll handle the rest.

Please note, a partial switch does not qualify for any switch incentives we may offer.

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New to Ulster Bank?

Simply choose a current account and complete the online application or give us a call. As part of your application we'll ask for the details of the account you want to move. 

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