Combating climate change

Supporting your climate change ambitions

Make one change

Looking for ideas for a more sustainable way of life? Learn simple changes you could make at home or to the way you travel that could save you money and help the planet too.

Energy saving ideas for your home

How energy efficient is your home?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rates a property's energy efficiency and could help you to buy a home that’s more energy efficient, helping to reduce your impact on the climate too.

5 ways to reduce your energy bills

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, you could start saving energy – and money – with these simple tips.

Energy saving changes for your home

Take a look at how you could save money in the long term with some changes to help make your home more energy efficient.

Calculate your carbon footprint

You may have heard the phrase 'carbon footprint' - but what does it really mean?

We'll explain it and show you how you could calculate your own. So you could help the planet and your pocket too.

Everyday tips on how to be kinder to the planet

Top tips for reducing, reusing and recycling

While it’s easy to point to our homes and travelling as the largest contributors to our carbon footprints, our smaller everyday choices could also have an impact. 

Get from A to B more sustainably

Whether you’re exploring new lands or staying local, sustainable travel provides new ways to see the world that could even save you money too.

Teach our children how to save the planet

Teaching your children how to be eco-friendly doesn’t just help the planet: it could also be good for your family’s bank balance.

Confused about climate change?

The language around sustainable issues can often be confusing, so we want to help clear things up with our jargon buster. 

Sustainable offers that could save you money

Discounted Electric Vehicle Charge Points

From Octopus Energy

Get a discounted rate and further £50 off on us when you purchase an electric vehicle charge point from Octopus Energy. Follow the link below to claim offer.

Ulster Bank receives a fee from Octopus Energy for customers it introduces to them that subsequently purchase products or services from Octopus Energy, although this fee will be passed onto you as a discount. Eligibility criteria applies. 

Go paperless

Switching to paperless is a quick and easy way to reduce your waste

Instead, you can check your mail and statements via Anytime banking online or on your mobile app. It’s a safe and handy way to manage all your documents.

Specific mobile and Anytime banking criteria applies.

What’s banking got to do with climate change?

How we use our money today can change the world of tomorrow. In fact, money has the power to create a greener planet. 

How we're championing climate solutions

Helping to end the most harmful activity

We plan to stop lending to and underwriting companies with more than 15% of activities related to coal

Accelerating the speed of transition

We plan to help customers reduce their carbon impact with products and services, delivered through cross-industry collaboration

Championing climate solutions

We have set a target to provide £100 billion Climate and Sustainable Funding and Financing (CSFF) to customers by the end of 2025

Putting climate change at the heart of your business

Learn more about running a sustainable business and how we could support you.

Something else we can help you with?