Credit score

See your credit score for free with our app

Easily view your credit score with our app

You can check your credit score for free in our mobile app, and your score gets updated every 30 days. A credit score gives you an idea of your credit health. Your credit score in our app is provided by TransUnion, one of the UK's leading credit reference agencies.

Credit score features

Keep track of changes to your score

When you view your score, we'll let you know if it's changed and by how much since the last time you checked.

This is handy for tracking any changes that may have impacted your score, including those that you may not know about. Large, unexplained changes in your score could be an indication of fraud. Keeping an eye on your score is a great way to keep on top of your financial health.

Get personal insights on your score

Know what goes into calculating your credit score and get personalised insights and tips on how to manage or improve it. A higher score may mean that you could be eligible for better credit offers and save money. 

Tap the  'My score details' button to see your personalised insights.

Predict changes to your score

Use Score Predictor to simulate how any future financial decisions like taking out a loan or new credit card could affect your credit score. Any predictions you make won’t impact your existing score so you’re free to try things out.

Find Score Predictor under  the 'Your score in detail' section.

Why check your credit score with us?

Know where you stand

Personalised tips for improving your credit score 

No impact on credit score

You can check it as often as you like - it doesn't affect your credit score

Free to use

We don't charge you for viewing your credit score

Join 200 thousand customers viewing their credit score

If you don't already have our Mobile Banking app, you'll need to download it to get started.

Follow these three simple steps to get setup

  1. 01

    Log in to your Ulster Bank Mobile Banking app and tap on the customer icon on the top right of the screen to access your profile

  2. 02

    Select the credit score link from the list

  3. 03

    You'll be shown step by step in our app on how to access your credit score

Great, you will now be viewing your credit score in your app.