Debit card for under 18s

Children's bank account with a debit card

Bank accounts with a debit card

We’ve got a range of banking options to help kids and teenagers aged 6-17 spend, save, budget and learn. Having a child bank account a pocket money app with a debit card can give them added freedom, while still allowing an adult to have an element of control.

How to get a children's debit card

Applying for a child’s bank account with a debit card is easy with Ulster Bank – but you’ll need to think about the type of account you want first.

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Kids’ pocket money app and prepaid debit card

Ages 6-17

Give your kids a headstart with NatWest Rooster Money. It comes with a contactless card and a simple app to help kids handle their own money. But it’s great for parents too. You can log in, set limits and keep an eye on what they’re spending. What’s more, there’s no chance of debt, overdrafts or overspending.

  • Free Rooster Card subscription offer: For Ulster Bank customers. Offer normally £1.99 per month or £19.99 per year.
  • Great features: Set spending limits, view their account, get real-time notifications when they spend and help bring that new bike within reach with custom savings pots.
  • Pick a Rooster Card design: Your kids can choose from a wide range of fun, colourful designs to find the perfect match for their personality. Some of the designs might cost a bit extra.

Eligibility criteria apply. Offer T&Cs apply (PDF, 100KB). Offer includes up to three cards. Other fees may apply.

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Adapt current account and debit card 

Ages 11-17

Trainers. Hanging with friends. Theme parks. Help get on top of your money you can do more of what they love with a free Adapt current account, app and card. 11-15s must apply with a parent or guardian who has an Ulster Bank Adapt current account. 

  • Tap to payUse contactless, Google Pay™ or Apple Pay.
  • Mobile app features: Lock card, Face ID and many more features.
  • Get interest: Earn money from the cash in your account.

Account eligibility criteria apply. Specific criteria apply for the app and certain features. Apple Pay available for ages 13+ and Google Pay™ available for ages 13+.

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What's needed to apply online for a debit card?

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NatWest Rooster and prepaid debit card

Kids will need the support of their parents or guardians to apply for a NatWest Rooster Money account and to get a prepaid debit card. You’ll need to sign up and download the Rooster Card app, add your kids, connect your account and claim your free Rooster subscription.

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Adapt current account and debit card

Kids aged 11-15 will need their parents or guardians to help with their application, who will also need to be an existing Ulster Bank customer. Teenagers aged 16-17 can apply for an Adapt current account independently. 

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Parent? The debit card need-to-knows for your child

Opening a bank account and getting a debit card for your child can feel like a big step. Here are a few things to think about before you get started: 

Cards for under-18s FAQs

Compare other bank accounts

urfirst Savings Account

Our savings account for kids

Our urfirst savings account is a free, instant access savings account for children under 16. The account can be held in trust for your kids until they're 12 or in the childs own name if they're over 7. 

Account eligibility  apply. 

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Student account

At university already or planning ahead for 1st year?

Embrace uni life with the Ulster Bank student account. You could get an interest free overdraft and lots more to make the most of your independence. 

Specific account eligibility criteria apply. Overdraft 18+ subject to eligibility.

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