Why has my SSE bill payee disappeared?

Why has my SSE bill payee disappeared?

If you have a bill payment set up to any of the following utilities, you may have noticed that the payee has disappeared from your list of payees:

  • GasScottish
  • Hydro ElectScottish
  • Hydro Elec GasSouthern
  • Electric GasSouthern ElectricitySSE/Scot&Sth Energy

The payee has been removed due to SSE making a change to their account details. To make a payment, re-add the payee via the 'Payments and Transfers' option in Anytime Internet Banking. You’ll need your card reader to do this. If you're unsure which payee to add, you can refer to your utility bill.

Any scheduled payment you have set up will go out as normal and won't be affected by this change.