What is an unpaid transaction fee?

What is an unpaid transaction fee?

You would have paid an unpaid transaction fee if you went over your overdraft limit trying to make a payment and there were not enough funds in your account. This would result in us not being able to make the payment. For example if you had a direct debit of £20 due when you only had £10 of available funds left in your account (including any arranged overdraft facility) you will be charged.

When charged

21 days after the end of the charging period in which we decide not to make the payment (or the next business day if this is a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday). The charging period normally ends on the date that we issue your statement to you.

Fee amount

£1.55 in any charging period for unpaid transactions, with a maximum of 1 per charging period.

For full details of the interest and charges please read Your Overdraft Charges (PDF).

For business customers please contact your relationship management team.

Act Now Alerts

Get a text or email if you are about to become overdrawn, or are already using an unarranged overdraft - helps you minimise or even avoid overdraft and unpaid transaction fees. Find out more about our alerts service(opens in a new window).