Saving energy at home

Energy saving home improvements

Improve the energy efficiency of your home

Once you’ve made simple changes to reduce your energy bills, you may then want to look into other changes you could make to your home that could save you money over the long term.

Ways you could make your home more energy efficient

Ways you could make your home more energy efficient

DIY energy saving measures

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that half of household energy bills go on heating your home and hot water. Draughts from windows, under your floor or even your chimney could be cooling your house at the same time as you’re trying to warm it. Try some simple DIY measures, like applying sealant round old window frames – or consider using a professional for those trickier jobs.

Insulate your home

Cavity wall or loft insulation can help to stop heat from escaping from places like your walls or attic and make your home toastier. If you want to insulate your home, get a quote from a registered tradesperson and check if you’re eligible for any government schemes.

Change to energy efficient heating

An energy efficient boiler could help you reduce how much energy you use. A gas registered plumber could help you find the best option for your needs.

Heat pumps are a low-carbon alternative to a boiler and work by capturing heat from the outside and moving it into your home. They could help you reduce your energy bills while being kinder to the planet. 

Add solar power

Solar panels are a great, energy efficient way to power your home. To get an idea of what they might to cost to install, get a registered professional to survey your home. After the initial cost of installation, you could save money each year and reduce your carbon footprint.

How energy efficient is your home?

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) rate a property's energy efficiency and could help you to buy a home that’s more energy efficient and reduce your impact on the climate too.