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Our privacy notice and your personal information

Our privacy policy

Ulster Bank Ltd (Ulster Bank) is responsible for protecting your personal info as carefully as we protect your money.

This summary explains how we collect and use your personal info to help you and our business. We suggest downloading this page.

How we get your info and what we use it for

Your info helps protect you and us from fraud. It also helps us check it’s really you. We may also ask you to consider using other identification methods like biometrics (your fingerprint or voice).

We collect your info in different ways, like:

  • Collecting basic info such as name, address and phone number from your application
  • When you bank with us online or using the user Bank app
  • From third party companies (such as other NatWest Group companies, credit reference agencies or public sources)

We use your info in different ways, like:

  • Using your health info to help you access our services more easily, like sending statements in braille if you need it
  • Offering you the right products and services - your info also helps us improve how we serve you
  • Sharing info about criminal activity with other organisations to stop and detect crime, and to obey laws relating to money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing
  • Helping make the bank run smoothly. Thank you.

Why do you share my info?

We share your info so we can:

  • Protect you
  • Check your identity
  • Make sure you have the right products for your need
  • Prevent fraud and money laundering
  • Help us comply with laws, manage our risk and protect our business


Who do you share it with?

We share your info with:

Other companies in our group and our business partners who provide some of our services 

  • Credit reference agencies, so we can:

– Do a credit check – this can affect your credit score (we don’t do one if you’re just opening a savings account)

– Do an identity check – this could be done on you and anyone else who’s linked to the account, but it doesn’t affect your credit score   

– Protect you and comply with laws – we must share info with other organisations in certain situations, about how you manage your account

  • Fraud prevention agencies, so we can also record any identified or suspected fraud, which could mean we, or others, may refuse to provide you with services, financing, or employment.
  • Industry regulators, government departments and similar organisations, like HM Revenue and Customs, who might in turn have to share it with other countries.

Your rights

We need your info to provide you with the right products and services for you, but you have clear rights over what we do with that info. They’re not all included here but you’re able to:

  • Get a copy of your personal info
  • Ask us to correct or update wrong info
  • Ask us to stop using your info in some cases
  • Ask for a review of a decision that has been made automatically, like if a loan has been refused
  • Stop marketing that uses your personal info
  • Make a complaint to us about how we’ve used your personal info and then to the Information Commissioners office (ICO) if you’re still not happy

How long do you keep my info?

We don’t keep your info for longer than we need to, which is usually up to ten years after you close all your accounts.

Sometimes we need to keep it longer (for example due to an investigation by the police).


We recommend you read our privacy notice in full.

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