Request money from someone or split a bill

Need to request payment or split a bill?

Whether you're requesting money from family or splitting the bill with friends up to £250, you choose how you ask for money using your Ulster Bank app safely and securely.

  • Request money by sharing a single payment request by link or QR code.
  • You can also share your details via reusable QR code or link which can be used by multiple payers, multiple times.
  • Split Bill allows you to share the cost of a transaction. Great for sharing the cost of a meal with friends.


Not an Ulster Bank customer? You can explore our bank accounts and become one step closer to using these payment features. 

Request payment using your Digital Wallet

Add your Account QR code to your Apple or Google Wallet for friends to scan and pay you back.

Save alongside your debit, credit and loyalty cards for easy access and to make getting paid back even simpler.

How to split a bill

You can split bills in our app of up to £250 quickly and simply with up to nine people using Split Bill, even if you need to request different amounts from different people by following 3 simple steps.


Request money safely and securely 

You can request money from your friends and family in the mobile app up to £250.

  • If you have a specific amount you are owed you can share a single payment request by link or QR code.
  • If you wish to share a link or QR code with anyone that can be used anytime, anywhere you can share a reuseable link or QR.


One off payment request

Want to request a specific amount ? Requesting money couldn’t be easier when you use the Ulster Bank mobile banking app. Share a single use link or QR code to get paid. Here’s how:

Tap 'Request money'.

Log into the app, tap 'Payments' at the bottom of your screen, scroll to the account you want to get paid into and select 'Request money'.

Tap 'Share a link' or 'QR code'.

Enter the payment information including the payer's name, amount and reference. Then click 'Create your link' or 'Generate your QR code'.

Share your link or QR.

Share the link with the person you are requesting money from or ask them to scan the QR code and complete the request. Links are valid for 5 days and the QR 5 minutes. 

Reusable payment request

Request payments in 3 simple taps whenever you want, from wherever you are with a reusable payment link. Unlike one off payment requests, reusable payment links aren’t for a specific amount, so you can use them over and over. Here’s how:

Tap the account you want to get paid into.

Login to the app and select your account from your account summary.

Tap 'Account settings'.

Scroll down and tap ‘Account settings’ then ‘View or share account details'.

Share your secure payment link.

Either show your reusable QR code on your phone and ask them to scan or share the payment link in a message.  

Payments help and support

International or faster payments?

We've a wide range of ways to accept and send payments, either within the UK or internationally. Explore our range of payment options today. Limits & fees apply.

Bank elsewhere?

The payment request & Split Bill request money payment features are available to Ulster Bank mobile app customers. You can explore our bank accounts today.

Need to download the Ulster Bank app?

Check out what's needed to get you started in our mobile app, and get one step closer to using payment requests / Split Bill.