Managing your money

How to reduce your phone and broadband bills

Tips on reducing your phone bill

We know that our customers spend a lot of money on mobile phone bills. That's why we would like to help you understand ways in which you could be more savvy with your mobile tariff and maybe help you save some money where you can.

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    Check your monthly data usage

    Research released from Citizens Advice in 2019 found that  71% of SIM-only plan customers overpay for the data that they don't use. Research also found that customers could save approximately £63 per year by switching to a cheaper deal. Why not check out if you're overpaying for unused data?

    Your plan could be altered next month and save you money.

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    You could find cheaper deals online

    Customers who purchase a mobile contract in store were found to waste 4.2GB on average, whilst those that buy online only waste 2.6GB according to research done by Citizens Advice.

    It couldn't hurt to shop around before you buy.

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    Test your powers of persuasion

    65% of mobile customers were successful in negotiating a better deal, according to moneysavingexpert.com.

    Check out some of their success stories for inspiration.

Reducing broadband bills

If your broadband bills are going up or your deal is about to end, get inspired with the success stories from Money Savings Expert.

Switching can be easy, however it isn't the only way to cut costs. Money Savings Expert haggling tips and stories.

Mobile phone insurance

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