Tips to help keep you on top

Feel more in control of your money

Feel more in control of your money | Ulster Bank

It’s good to feel ready for whatever life brings, especially feeling in control of your money. We’re here to help you turn your plans into reality.

Get started now with practical tips, inspiration and tools. 

Ways to boost your savings

Is getting started with saving your biggest challenge, sticking with it, or both?

Our tools and tips could help kickstart your saving and build the habit. Set your goals and get ready to achieve them with new tips and inspiration.

Effortless saving with Round Ups

Any time you pay with your debit card, Round Ups can save the spare change and put it in your Ulster Bank savings account. You don’t even have to think about it — 20p here, 50p there soon adds up. (Criteria apply)

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Ready. Set. Goal.

Set your goal, go get your goal. You can easily create a Savings GoaI in-app with an eligible instant access savings account. Just tap in the amount and we’ll work out what you need to save to stay on track.

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Why saving could be good for you

See how saving regularly could help you feel more in control and boost your wellbeing.

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Make your money go further

Times are tough, if you're feeling the pressure - you're not alone. Discover ways you could make your money go further and keep your budget on track.

Ten ways to save more

Take a look at our tips and try at least one a month. Positive action feels great and could help you saving money. 

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Love every penny

Know your spending hotspots and keep an eye on all your money with our in-app Spending and Budget Tracker.

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Big up a small budget

Budget like a boss with know-how you can use right now. 

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Energise bills

Energy costs are still a challenge for everyone. Check our latest guides for help managing household expenses.

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Get what you're due

Give Inbest's benefits calculator a go to find out if you can claim any government support.

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We're here to help

Need support with your payments? Or maybe a personalised review with an expert? Talking through your situation sooner rather than later could help.

What to do about debt

We’re here to help you manage debt. Speak to us to learn more about your options and what you could do next.

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Chat with the experts

Book a video chat with our friendly senior personal bankers. They could help you make sense of your money and offer practical tips.

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Further support

Explore our go-to list of organisations and charities offering free, independent advice on tackling the cost of living.

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Spot scams a mile off

Explore our Security Centre to stay ahead of the latest criminal scams and stay safe. Find out what to next if you think you’ve been scammed.