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We've teamed up with carbon footprint experts, CoGo, to let you calculate your carbon footprint in the Ulster Bank app. Our carbon footprint tracker will calculate your estimated footprint plus we'll share tips that could help you reduce it too.

Carbon Footprint Tracker is within the Spending feature in our app. Spending available to customers aged 16+ who have a Personal or Premier account with us.

How does your carbon footprint compare?

The average monthly carbon footprint in the UK is approximately 1,000kgs. To help reduce the impacts of climate change, scientists recommend that by 2030 we should aim to reduce our carbon footprints to around 180kgs (CoGo, 2021).

Our goal is to be a leading bank in addressing the climate challenge. We're reducing our carbon footprint, and with our carbon footprint tracker we want to help you reduce yours too.

Calculating your carbon footprint

We'll calculate your carbon footprint by analysing your monthly transactions and match them to their industry category (e.g. grocery, energy, transport).  

Converting £s to kg CO2

Each transaction amount is multiplied by an emissions factor per industry category to calculate the carbon footprint of that purchase. 

For example, if you spend £15 on a dress at an average high-street retailer, that could equate to a footprint of 16kg CO2. The same £15 spent on a dress from a charity shop could have a lower footprint of around 4kg CO2.  

How we calculate your footprint

Your carbon footprint calculation is a best estimate as we can only see your whole transaction amount, and not your basket level data.

For example, if you spend £50 on grocery shopping, we will not know the individual items you have purchased. 

What you'll see in our app

The number you see when you land on our carbon tracker in our app is the best estimate total carbon footprint of all your transactions, for your previous month.

Calculate your carbon footprint

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    Navigate to the 'Spending' tab at the bottom of the home screen

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    Tap 'My Footprint' and follow the short on-screen instructions to get started

That's it. You're ready to start tracking your carbon footprint.

Don't have our mobile app?

If you don't already have our Mobile Banking app, you'll need to download it to get started.

Can a low-carbon lifestyle really save me money?

Doing your bit to tackle climate change can be a daunting task but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Getting started is the hardest part. But once you begin making more climate-friendly choices, you’ll find new ways to live a more sustainable life. And you could save money too.