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You can now quickly and easily find your local banking services in one place to help you with banking face-to-face should you need to.

Branch banking

With branch banking you'll be able to...

  • Deposit cash
  • Make payments and transfers
  • Use our ATMs, 'Coin in' and cash deposit machines
  • Chat to a digital expert and more

Can't get to a branch? Book a Video Banking or telephone banking appointment.

Video banking calls may be recorded and service hours apply. Compatible device required.

Planning to visit on a Saturday?

Please see our branch locator for full details of opening hours for your local branch.

On Saturdays, we’ll be here to help you with any enquiries, and you can safely and easily use our automated services to:

  • Take out cash
  • Check your balance
  • Pay in cash or cheques
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money between your accounts

Our counter service is available during weekdays. On Saturdays, our colleagues will be on hand to help you use our automated services.

Withdrawing cash?

Across the UK all of our customers have access to thousands of cash machines to withdraw for free.

Community Pop-ups

Our Community Pop-us are available in selected locations for up to twelve weeks after changes to our branch network.

Our friendly advisors are on hand to support you, connecting you to nearby local and digital services.



Learn more about Community Pop-ups

Mobile Branches

A Mobile Branch is a bank which comes to you and allows you to do all your usual everyday banking, like making deposits, withdrawing cash and paying bills.

They visit specific locations for up to 5 days a week throughout the year (except Christmas Day and Bank Holidays).

If you have a disability, are elderly or find it difficult to use our services, talk with our team and they’ll be happy to make reasonable adjustments to suit your needs and demonstrate how we can help.

Banking Hubs

We’ve worked with Cash Access UK and other UK Banks to open Banking Hubs.

Personal and Business customers can use Banking Hubs for basic services on Monday to Friday, like:

  • Making deposits and withdrawals.
  • Balance enquiries.
  • Paying bills.

And a member of our Ulster Bank team will be on-hand once a week to help Personal and Business customers with more specific queries, like:

  • Online and mobile banking.
  • Account maintenance (including registering bereavements, power of attorney and third-party access).
  • Transferring money or making a payment (limits may apply).
  • Card management (reporting your card lost/stolen, ordering a replacement and PIN number support).
  • Fraud and money management support.
  • Registering additional needs you may have to make banking with us easier. 

Cash Access UK Cash Deposit Machines

At Ulster Bank we are looking to improve customer cash access by taking part in a pilot exercise run by Cash Access UK who are introducing 17 new Cash Deposit Machines across the UK. 

The machines will be available for use by NatWest, Ulster Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland customers from March 2024 for a period of 6-12 months.

The Cash Deposit Machines will allow both Personal and Business customers to withdraw and deposit cash notes using a Chip & PIN card, according to the account and product cash limits. The machines will not accept coins, cheques or credit slips. 

The machines will be free to use for Personal customers throughout the pilot. For Business customers, the service will be free to use for a minimum of 3 months and customers will be notified in advance of any introduced charges