Loyalty cards

Store your loyalty cards in our app

What is a loyalty card?

The My Loyalty Cards feature helps you declutter your wallet by adding all of your cards in to our Ulster Bank app. 

Loyalty cards are issued by retailers where you earn points or savings with your card each time you shop with them.

It's simple to access your loyalty cards

You can scan and store an electronic version of your cards, which can then be used to collect points or savings at the checkout in selected retailers.

To get started you'll need our Banking app

If you don't already have our Mobile Banking app, you'll need to download it to get started.

Follow these three simple steps to get setup

  1. 01

    Log in to your Ulster Bank app and tap on 'My Loyalty Cards' from the home screen

  2. 02

    Scan your loyalty card with your phone to create a digital version of the card

  3. 03

    When at the checkout, scan the barcode on your phone as you would a physical loyalty card