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Account Aggregation

What is account aggregation?

Account aggregation is the ability to view your balances and transactions on selected account types held with other participating UK banks using our mobile app, so you can get an overall view of your finances in one place. You must be registered for your other banks online banking.

Screenshot of Account Aggregation feature in Ulster Bank mobile app

Adding accounts couldn't be easier

No more flipping between apps to check balances or having to remember multiple login details. With the introduction of fingerprint and facial recognition technology, you can add an account with another bank without needing your other banks online banking details. 

You can provide consent using your mobile log in if both banking apps are on the same device and your other bank supports this consent functionality.  You will be able to use your online banking details to provide consent if not.  Fingerprint and facial recognition are available on selected devices.

Screenshot of Account Aggregation feature in Ulster Bank mobile app

Removing an account

We put the control in your hands, if you ever want to remove a previously added account from another bank you can. Simply tap on the account that you've added, click the consent expiry notice and you will be given the option to remove.

How does account aggregation work?

Open banking

We’re able to offer our 'Accounts with other banks' in-app feature because of Open Banking. This allows banks to share your information, with your consent, so that you can get a better overview of your finances. The accounts available to add include credit cards, current accounts and other accounts types. The available accounts to add are managed by your other bank.

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High security

Our 'Accounts with other banks' feature appears on our app, and that's already bristling with the latest security measures. There's Touch ID, Android Fingerprint ID, Face ID and a six-digit passcode to choose from. And none of your data will be stored on your phone. When you log out, it's gone. Touch ID and Face ID available on selected Apple devices. Android Fingerprint ID available on selected Android devices.

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Your consent

Banks can't share any information unless you say it's OK to do so. And once you have, it's very easy to change your mind. In fact, every 90 days we'll ask you to confirm if it's still OK for us to continue sharing your data.


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To get started you'll need our Banking app

If you don't already have our Mobile Banking app, you'll need to download it to get started.

Follow these three simple steps to add accounts

To add accounts you have with other bank's you must be registered for your other bank's online banking.

  1. 01

    Log in to our Mobile Banking app and scroll to the bottom of your list of account. Tap 'Add an account from another bank'

  2. 02

    Choose the other bank you would like to add

  3. 03

    You can use fingerprint, facial recognition, mobile passcode or online banking details to provide consent for your other accounts to be added. 

Congratulations, under your existing Ulster Bank accounts you will see your account from another bank.