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Your Business Profile

If you need support in completing Your Business Profile, call us on the numbers below. This number is for use where you have received a letter and / or email to complete Your Business Profile only.

Unfortunately, this team will not be able to assist you with any other banking queries. For general questions about your business banking account, please see General account enquiries.

If your Reference contains IL

UK: 0345 246 2772

18001 0345 246 2772 for Relay UK

Outside of the UK: +44 345 246 2772

If your Refernce is XXXXXXXXXX-1a

(XXXXXXXXXX = your 10-digit number)

UK: 0203 416 5003

18001 0203 416 5003 for Relay UK

Outside of the UK: 0044 203 416 5003

Or if your Reference is XXXXXXXXXX/LCV-1a

(XXXXXXXXXX = your 10-digit number)

UK: 0345 009 0003

18001 0345 009 0003 for Relay UK

Outside of the UK: 0044 345 009 0003

Lines are open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.