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Now more than ever it is vital to have the right tools and support to help you and your business succeed.

Business Builder has been developed to support businesses and entrepreneurs at all stages (whether you’re just starting out or an established business looking to make a change). It's free and you don’t even have to be an Ulster Bank customer to join.

What is Business Builder?

Business Builder is a digital tool designed to give you the right support, at the right time for you and your business.

Whether you are looking to validate an idea, find new customers, or explore the funding options available to you, there is support available online 24/7.


Take control of your future. Free digital and event-based training for you and your staff.


Grow and develop your business. Access our free resources, insights and tools.


Join our community of like-minded individuals to connect and share ideas.

Tools and learning resources

Business Model Canvas

1 min read

Use partnerships to grow your business

10 mins learning

Basics of bookkeeping

2 min read

Building a growth mindset

2 min read

Our online resources for business

Business Builder resources could give you the confidence to take your business further. There are tools, checklists and videos to discover.

Green initiatives for business

Adopting green practices is crucial in tackling climate change, and it could also help your business be more efficient and gain positive recognition from customers and investors.

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Support for your business

Entrepreneur Accelerator

Up-and-coming entrepreneurs have the chance to apply for free access to accelerator hubs across the UK where we support you to develop your business.

Women in Business Specialists

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We have over 1000 specialists across the UK who could provide you with support, help you network or provide business expertise.

Learning with Google

Accelerate your business with free courses covering everything, from marketing to coding and beyond.

Courses from Google aim to support small business owners with tools and trainings created to meet their needs and help foster business growth.