Manage your OneCard

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App available to Commercial Card customers and is free to download from the App Store and from Google Play. Some tasks Cora can even do for you, once you're logged in to Anytime Banking or via the mobile app.

Manage your cards online with ClearSpend

Did you know, with your ClearSpend account you can quickly block or unblock a card whenever you need to? You can also control what's spent where for all cardholders and check balances on the go.

  • Track every transaction in real time
  • Set and edit cardholder spending limits and categories
  • Block and unblock cards in an instant
  • Order replacements and cancel cards
  • View your monthly cashback and analyse spending patterns


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SmartData Online

Smart Data Online

Monitor your spending

A secure management information system that helps you manage and streamline your OneCard programme.

More spending information: access daily updated transaction data

Review and allocate spending: review and approve employee expense transactions and apply cost allocations to each transaction

Tailored reports: export data for analysis or integrate with your accounting system

For more information on Smart Data Online, click here

Lost, stolen or damaged

If you believe your card has been stolen, call us as soon as possible on 0345 300 7295 (18001 0345 300 7295 for Relay UK).

If you are calling from abroad, the number is 0044 345 300 7295

Lines are open Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

Card support

Amend card and account details

Use this form to

  • Appoint or change signatories
  • Remove a cardholder
  • Change a cardholder name 
  • Close a card or card account


Adobe Acrobat PDF reader is required to access the downloadable request form below.

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Add a cardholder

Use this form to

  • Add a cardholder





Adobe Acrobat PDF reader is required to access the downloadable cardholder form below.

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Unblock your pin

If you need to unblock your PIN, it's easy to do so by logging into ClearSpend below. 

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Use Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Pay

Now more than ever, you should consider using Apple Pay to pay with your Business card. It’s contactless, safe and easy. If you’ve never made a contactless payment with Apple Pay, it’s simple to set up before you leave home.

Google Pay

Got an Android phone? You can store your card details in your secure Google account. Then use your phone to pay for almost anything.

Apple Pay and Google Pay available on selected Apple and Android devices. Retailer limits may apply.

Frequently asked questions

Card maintenance

Further help and business support

Support Centre

Visit our support centre for help with business banking queries and topical issues. 

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OneCard helpdesk

If you are in the UK, call us on: 0345 300 7295

Relay UK: 18001 0345 300 7295

If you are abroad, call us on 0044 345 300 7295

Lines are open Mon to Fri 9am-5pm

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Dispute a transaction

If something's not quite right with a purchase you recently made with your credit card, we may be able to help you get your money back. 

Anything else we can help with?