Managing the impact

Workforce and staffing

Managing staffing challenges

The world of work has changed dramatically. Many of your team might be working from home, and others may be adapting to new ways of working in the office. These new operating models come with their own challenges and opportunities.

We could help you to support your people through change, and get you thinking about upskilling, retraining, and enabling everyone in your business.

It's a team effort to save energy

Getting your employees on board with energy saving is a great way to reduce your costs. Offering flexible or remote working could reduce the amount of office space, heating, lighting, and electricity you need to pay for.

Check out Action Renewables below for more support.

Industry insights

Visit our "spotting the signs of stress infographic" page to download more information. Resource: "Spotting the signs of stress infographic"

Spotting the signs of stress: infographic

Almost 80% of workers say they commonly experience work-related stress, so it is important for business owners and employees to be able to identify symptoms of stress and find ways to combat it.

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Read our tips on pressures and well-being in the article: "Cost of living Crisis" Article: "Cost of living Crisis"

Tips to help you relieve the financial pressures and improve well-being

It can be a challenge to maintain a stable business environment as costs continue to rise. We outline some ways you could take care of the mental and financial well-being of your employees – and yourself.

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Read the article "Return to the office 2021". Article: "Return to the office 2021"

Return to the office 2021: How to stay secure when your staff return

New recruits, stayers and leavers all need special consideration when securing access to the office and a business’s systems.

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Set your team up to win

Engagement matters

When your people are passionate about their work and proud of their business, they want to do their best – this is why engagement matters.

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Working from home

Are you getting the most out of your current work from home model? Read some tips on getting the right set-up, managing employees remotely, and handy tools to encourage seamless collaboration.

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Upskill your workforce

To adapt and meet customer needs as your business grows, you’ll need the right talent. It makes sense to invest in your current team by offering them the chance to upskill.

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Wellbeing and staying resilient

Money worries, physical health, current affairs – these can all take a toll on mental health, yours and your employees’. Get some ideas on how to stay resilient.

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Extra resources and support

Supply chain disruptions

Get the latest tips on how to adapt and overcome supply chain challenges.

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Free support for your staff

If your team is struggling with money worries, get some tips on ways we could help and support them.

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Backing a sustainable future

Get information on how investment in sustainable technology could help cut costs in the future, and explore your options.

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