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Meet Cora, your digital assistant

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What is Cora?

Cora is your digital assistant, available 24/7 to quickly answer your queries. She can help you get things done and guide you to the right place – whether that’s a webpage, an online form or showing you how to do things like make a payment or manage your Direct Debits.

Cora can also complete tasks for you when you’re in Anytime Banking or the mobile app as well as Bankline. 

Cora can help with...

Logging in to your account

Ask Cora for support with logging in and managing your accounts online.

Checking statements and balances

Tell Cora if you'd like to view your balance and transactions. Cora can also quickly help you order a statement for proof of ID or income.

Green Banking services

Find out about our green banking tools and initiatives.

Loans and finance

Chat to Cora about our loans, business cards and overdrafts.

Security and fraud

Report a fraud or get information about the latest scams.

Get the most out of Cora with Anytime Banking and the mobile app

Cora doesn’t just show you how to do things. If you have Anytime Banking and the mobile app, Cora can do some things for you herself. 

Together, they’re a great way to manage your finances. 

If you don't have Anytime Banking

With Anytime Banking you can manage and keep track of your finances 24/7.

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If you don't have the mobile app

Find out more about the Ulster Bank mobile app and how to register for it.

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Cora for Bankline

Cora is fully equipped to help Bankline administrators and users with their daily tasks. Click the 'Chat to Cora' button in Bankline and Cora will help you get started.

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Ask Cora for help with:

Logging in

Smartcard queries

Managing roles and users

Dual controls and security settings

Opening and closing accounts

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How to talk to Cora

To talk to Cora, click the ‘Chat to Cora’ button. You'll find the button below, to the right of this and other pages, and in Anytime Banking, Bankline and the mobile app. 

When typing a query, it helps to keep it simple, eg. ‘stop cheque’, or ‘can’t log in’.

Please wait for Cora to respond to before typing.

Cora will present you with options in a chat. Just click the buttons to answer a question or choose where to go next.

Frequently asked questions

Tell us what you think

If you have any feedback or ideas about Cora, we’d love to hear them. You can complete the survey at the end of a chat.