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You’ve built it, grown it and owned it. But how do you say goodbye? The Business Exit Programme set up by Coutts could help you take the first steps. They’ve been helping thousands of clients to set up their business exit over the last 20 years and they’re sharing their knowledge – for free.

What will I learn from the programme?

How to think about selling

  • Why mindset is key.
  • Identify your goals.
  • Develop an exit plan that fits.
  • Find the right time to sell.
  • Discover the value drivers in your business.
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Ways to prepare for your exit

  • Who’ll buy and why? 
  • Maximise your buyer interest.
  • Do your due diligence.
  • Give your team the tools to carry on.
  • Choose who will help you.
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Tips to navigate your finances

  • How financial planning helps.
  • Know your options and when you should take them.
  • What’s behind good exit choices.
  • Think about life after exit.
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Interested in the Coutts Business Exit Programme?

Prepare yourself, your business and your finances for the exit you want. There's bitesize videos and articles taking you through the essentials of corporate finance, and pieces on thought leadership too. The programme will also look at ways to prepare you, your family and your business for exit, both mentally and financially.  

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to join our series of masterclasses on business exit provided by Coutts.

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