A single source for managing your card programme

Smart Data

The way you log into Smart Data has changed

We’ve introduced a new login portal, which will ask you to enter in one-time passcode (OTP) on top of your User ID and password every time that you log in. 

Need help logging into our new portal? Have a look at our helpful guides: 

Guide for Administrators

Guide for Users

Available to existing Ulster Bank business customers.

Improved card programme control

Electronic data with rich supplier and transaction information helps control spend and enforce card policies without getting in the way of employees.

Automation and process efficiency

The digital workflows and ability to schedule recurring events helps automate work and create process efficiency in card programme management.

Card programme insight and data

Card programme insight and data improves your ability to forecast and reconcile across teams, projects, clients and suppliers.

Key features

  • Single portal for all commercial card spend
  • Secured with 128 bit encryption
  • Standard and enhanced spend data

  • Cloud-based solution, access from anywhere
  • PSS DSI compliant
  • 22 languages


Rich card spending data that gives you insight and control

Data extracts for in-depth analysis and reconciliation

Export raw data easily.

Reporting at all levels of your organisation

Define your organisational structure of teams and projects to get pin-point insight about card spend.

Essential reporting to help you take control of card spend

Schedule reports to give you recurring overview of your spending habits and trends.

Reporting features

  • 5 essential programme reports
  • 60 specialist reports
  • Custom data extracts
  • Supplier information
  • Up to 3 years of data

  • PDF and Excel formats
  • Schedule reports to run daily, weekly, monthly
  • Quarterly, Monthly, ad-hoc periods
  • Roll-up from all levels in organisation
  • Schedule reports on behalf of cardholders and managers

Expense Management

Online expense management that helps you save time

Improved control and audit with electronic data

Digital card data, receipt images and easily tracked spend improves control and audit of card spend.

Digital expense management saves time for your organisation

Define your organisational structure of teams and projects to get pin-point insight about card spend.

Cost allocation and coding improves reconciliation

Cost allocation and coding improves reconciliation.

Expense features

  • Fully configurable expense review/approval solution
  • Pre-populated with card spend
  • Email notifications reminders
  • Split transactions
  • Transaction approval summary for administrators and managers

  • Expense descriptions
  • Cash entry support
  • Receipt image upload
  • Accounting code schemes for e.g.: General Ledger codes, Project codes, Cost centres