Products and services

Managing cash

Paying cash in

There’s a simple and secure way to pay cash into your business account. You can also pay cash in at our branches.

Cash collected by courier

Coins, notes and cheques can be collected by courier of your choice from your business and paid into your account with Direct Cash In or Consolidated Cash (restricted to approved couriers only). Contact your relationship manager to discuss your needs.

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Taking cash out

Cash can be delivered to your business premises or you can pre-order it for collection. You can also take cash out from our branches.

Cash delivered by courier

Our Direct Cash Out and Bulk Cash Out services can help if you need to take out large volumes of cash. We deliver cash to your business using a secure courier company of your choice.

Contact your Relationship Manager to discuss your needs.

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Pre-order change for collection

Use our online form to pre-order your business change for collection. You can do this up to 7 days before you need it. You’ll be able to pick it up from one of our branches on the day of your choice.

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Business cash card*

  • Freedom to manage your cash. Nominated staff members can withdraw and deposit^ business funds in a way that suits your business.
  • Easy access. Make cash and cheque deposits, as well as cash withdrawals at Ulster Bank branches, ATMs and Post Office.
  • Control your cards. Set withdrawal limits, update the card status in real-time and get full visibility of every withdrawal and deposit from our online portal.
  • You’ll be able to register your interest for the new product, which will be available from October 2023.

In a branch, you can

Pay in cash outside working hours

A Night Safe is a box that you’ll find next to our branches. You can use it to pay in to your account outside normal branch opening times. You’ll get a credit to your account the next working day.

Contact your Relationship Manager or local branch to organise. 

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Pay in and take cash out

You can pay in and take out money at the counter in our branches with our friendly staff. 

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Pay in coins

Use our Bulk Coin In machines to pay in large amounts of coins. You don’t need to count it as the machines do that for you. Once your cash has been counted you’ll get a voucher to pay in at the counter.

Ask in your local branch about our Bulk Coin In machines.

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Manage foreign currency

If you’ve got a foreign currency account and you need to pay in or take out currency, you can have it collected or delivered straight to you, using our Direct Currency In service.

Talk to your Relationship Manager or local branch to find out more. 

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Cash Deposit Limits

Some business banking customers have a cash deposit limit of £200,000. We calculate the aggregated value of your cash deposits on a 365 day rolling calculation.

For example, a cash deposit made on the 28th February 2024 will be counted towards your limit until 27th February 2025.


Other ways to bank with us

Use our mobile branches

If you run your business in an area where we don’t have a branch, then a mobile branch is the bank that comes to you. They visit specific places on a timetabled route. You can do some of your usual business banking tasks, like paying in and taking out cash on board.

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Banking at the Post Office

As an Ulster Bank customer, some bank services are available in your local Post Office. You’ll be able to check your business balance, pay in or take cash out, pay in cheques and get change at any of the 11,500 Post Office branches across the UK.

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Take card payments with Tyl

Take fast and secure payments online, over the phone, or by card machine with next day settlement on all transactions. Find a tailored solution that works for your business.

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