Payit - Ask for Payment

Request money through your Ulster Bank app

Request payments online and in person

You can now request money from your Ulster Bank Mobile app by sharing a payment link or QR code.

  • Payit is a feature available for all Ulster Bank Mobile app users to share a single payment request.
  • You can also request money using a multi use payment link or QR code which can be sent to multiple people.
  • Split Bill allows you to share payment request links with multiple people at once directly from your transactions. Great for sharing the cost of a meal with friends.


Settle payments quickly, to improve your cashflow


Get paid by your customers in a few easy steps


No need to share account details, just send a Payit request from your Ulster Bank mobile app

Request and send money via the mobile banking app

What is Payit?

Payit is a feature for Ulster Bank mobile banking users with an eligible current account. It lets you request or send a payment to anyone who uses mobile banking and has an eligible account with a participating UK bank.

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Send or receive payment via link or scannable QR code

  • Log on to the Ulster Bank mobile app.
  • Select ‘Payments > Request money’.
  • Choose ‘Share a link’ or ‘Show a QR code’.
  • Add a quick reference and enter the amount (up to £10,000 ).
  • Your customer can then click/scan the QR code and pay you directly from their banking app.
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Send money via a payment link

  • Log on to the Ulster Bank mobile app.
  • Select ‘Payments > Send money’.
  • Choose ‘Pay someone using a link’.
  • Add a quick reference and enter the amount (up to £250).
  • Then send a payment request link via your choice of social messaging channel.
  • The recipient selects the account to receive the payment into via their bank's app.
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How Payit works

Payit and Split Bill are powered by PayitTM,  a NatWest-owned payment solution.

With Payit, your customers can make secure, fast payments directly from their bank account, via online or mobile banking. No need for you to collect customer card or account details.

Payit's got bank grade security too, which helps keep you safe, and you can request money, via the Ulster Bank mobile app, from anyone who uses online or mobile banking in the UK and has an eligible account with a participating UK bank.

Reusable payment link or QR code

Share your account details as reusable QR code or Link with following steps

Step 1

Navigate to account settings

Tap on account you want to share the reusable payment link or QR code and select ‘Account Setting’.

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Step 2

Click on view or share account details

Under Account Settings menu tap on ‘View or share account details’ option.

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Step 3

Scan QR

You’ll be able to choose from a reusable QR code which can be scanned by the payer. This can also be saved as a PDF File on your device, or you can send a payment request as link.

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Step 4

Or share as a payment link

You are now ready to share your reusable payment link. You can send the payment link via the messaging channels available on your device.

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Split Bill

Learn how you can Split Bills with your customers

Step 1

Choose transaction

From the transaction menu, find and select the transaction you wish to split a bill with. You'll then see the new 'Split this bill' button as shown above.

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Step 2

Add multiple payers

Now you need to add the amount of people you're splitting this bill with. You can add up to 9 people when splitting a bill.

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Step 3

Share payment links

You're now ready to share the individual links. Select each link individually and choose how you want to send your payment request link. An example is shown above.

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