How to make a complaint


Making a complaint

To put things right, we need to know what’s gone wrong

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How to make a complaint online

Use our online form to make a complaint. Once submitted, an email will be sent to notify our complaints team.

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Other ways to make a complaint


Icon expand By phone

To help us understand what has gone wrong and how we can help, you may find it easier to talk through your issues. 

To talk to a member of staff, you can call us on:
0345 742 4365.

Calls may be recorded.

Find out more about call charges
Call charge information


The cost of your call will depend on:

  •     whether you are using a landline or mobile phone
  •     the digits the number you are dialling starts with
  •     the tariff being charged by your phone provider

For further call charge information, please refer to the table at or contact your phone provider.





Icon expand In writing

Send a letter with details of your complaint, your account number and sort code to your branch. Alternatively, you can send them to:

Complaint Handling Centre 
Ulster Bank 
Freepost BEL4084 
Belfast BT1 5BR


Icon expand In person

If you prefer to speak to us in person, you are welcome to visit one of our branches.

To find your nearest branch use our branch locator.

It’s simplest to complain online. But if you prefer not to, we have other ways to get in touch.

We collect your contact information to enable us to provide you with updates on the progress of your complaint. The complaint record will be stored for 6 years for audit/investigation purposes as required by regulatory authorities. 

Ulster Bank Business Privacy Policy.

Helpful information about your complaint

What information do you need to give us?

To help us look into and resolve your complaint, please give us:


  1. Your name and address
  2. Your account details
  3. A description of your complaint
  4. When the problem occurred
  5. How you’ve been affected by this
  6. A contact number and email address

Why we need this


This information will help us understand what has gone wrong. That way, we can make sure we pass your complaint to the right person to fix the problem.


Your contact details will help us reach you, if we need more info or to discuss your complaint with you.

What happens next?

  1. We’ll let you know we’ve received your complaint. We’ll give you a complaint reference number to use if you need to contact us. That way, we can find your information quickly.
  2. We may need to talk to you, to help fix the situation. So please give us your up-to-date contact phone number and email address.
  3. We’ll write to you within 10 days of getting your complaint and then update you regularly after that. We’ll use email if you’ve given us an email address.
  4. Once we’ve made a decision about your complaint, we’ll call you, write to you or email you. We’ll try to solve your problem as quickly as possible (although regulations give us up to 56 days).

Please note: our calls may appear as ‘Private’, ‘Unknown’ or ‘Withheld” on some handsets. And if you’ve given us an email address or opted for paperless statements, please check your junk email folder, just in case.

If you need an update

If you need an update on a complaint you’ve made, get in touch. Please use the contact details in the letter, email or text we sent you.


If you want to give us more information, or you want more from us, please contact us using our Online Complaint Form. Go to the Account Type dropdown menu and select ‘Existing complaint.’ Our complaints team will get back to you.

Online Complaint form

Unhappy with the outcome of a complaint?

If for some reason we haven't been able to resolve your complaint within eight weeks, or you're not satisfied with the resolution you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


If you receive a final response letter from us and you want to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, you'll need to do this within 6 months of receiving our letter.


You can contact the service by writing to:


The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
London E14 9SR


You can also phone them on 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123


Visit Financial Ombudsman site


Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS)


If your complaint is not eligible for the Financial Ombudsman Service, you may be able to have your complaint reviewed by the Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS).


The BBRS is an independent organisation set up voluntarily by participating banks to resolve disputes.


The BBRS is free to use and has different eligibility considerations from the Financial Ombudsman Service. 


For further information, please refer to their website,, or email


You can also contact the BBRS by mail or phone:


70 Fleet St
London EC4Y 1EU


0345 646 8825

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