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What is Accounts with Other Banks?

We can now show you selected accounts you have with other banks in our mobile app.  You don't need to use it but it might save you some time logging in and out of your banking apps! The types of accounts you could add are:


Current Accounts

Credit Cards (Including charge cards)

Selected Savings Accounts

Current Account Mortgages

E-Money Accounts

Pre-paid Cards


Your other bank manages which accounts can be shown in our app.

What do I need to do to use 'Accounts with other Banks'?

You need to be registered for your other bank's online banking and the quickest way to add your accounts is to have both banking apps on your device so you can use your fingerprint, facial recognition or mobile log in details to give consent.  If not, you’ll need to know your other bank’s online banking details.

Can I choose the way I give consent?

If you have both banking apps on your phone or tablet, you can use fingerprint, facial recognition or your mobile passcode to do this.  If you don’t, you can still use your other bank’s online banking details. 


If your other bank has separate apps for Business and Personal accounts, we’ll ask what type of account you want to add before you do this.

Which other banks can the accounts be added from?

You can add only accounts from UK banks participating in Open Banking.


When other banks joins Open Banking we will make them available in the mobile app for you to add accounts from. 

How quickly will I see my other accounts and how long for?

When you first set it up, it takes up to a couple of minutes for your account information to come into our app. You can speed this up by logging out then back in again though. After that your other accounts will show in our app for the next 90 days, unless you want to remove them sooner or you close your account at the other bank.

Why can I only see my other accounts for 90 days?

Open Banking guidelines say we need to ask you every 90 days to give consent for your information to be shared. Don't worry; we'll remind you about two weeks before to do this again.  If you don't, your other account will disappear from our app but you can re-add it any time.

I want to remove my consent before the end of my 90 days for my other banks.

No problem! In the mobile app tap the 'Some of your Accounts are expiring soon' message and then tap 'Your accounts are expiring within XX days'.  You will be asked if you want to remove access, simply tap 'Remove' and all accounts with that particular bank will be removed immediately.  If you have a few accounts with that bank and only want one to disappear, you can do this by contacting your other bank.  

Will the balances and transactions update immediately?

We ask your other bank for your account information four times a day but if you want an updated view, just tap the 'Refresh' button.  


Remember that if your other bank hasn't processed a payment yet, it might not have a description or may not show at all.  If you see a transaction that you don't recognise, please contact your other bank as soon as possible.

I can see a 'Connection not Working' message, what do I need to do?

Sometimes we lose a connection to another bank so if you see this message just tap 'Repair my connection' and you will be able to see your other accounts again.

I'm seeing an error message that says one of my accounts cannot be displayed due to missing data.

Your other bank has not shared all the account information we need to show you.  The first thing to do is to try and add the account again and then if the error message is still showing, contact your other bank who will be able to help.

Can I use ‘Accounts with Other Banks’ in online banking?

No. The feature is available only on our mobile app.

If I am locked out of my other bank’s online banking, can I still set up 'Accounts with Other Banks'?

No. You must be able to successfully log into your other bank's online banking to set this feature up.

I am locked out of my other bank’s online banking will I still be able to see my other bank’s accounts within the mobile app?

We get your account information four times a day so you may still be able to see the last update to your other account.  However, you may not be able to manually refresh your other account while you are still locked out.

Can I add both Business and Personal accounts?

Yes, you can add both Business and Personal accounts as long as your other bank is part of Open Banking.

I can't find an answer to my question here, how do I contact you?

Open the mobile app, Tap on Help ----> Message Us and type in your question and we'll get back to you within two hours.

Why can't I add my Bank of Ireland accounts?

Unfortunately accounts from Bank of Ireland can’t currently be added due to technical restrictions as Bank of Ireland are updating their Open Banking systems. You will not be able to add and view accounts from this bank until all updates have been made.

Why can I only add HSBC personal current accounts?

We are working with HSBC to make more products available for our customers to add and view in our app as at this moment in time they only share personal current account data with us. 

I'm having trouble adding my Barclays accounts into the app

Barclays are experiencing issues with their Open Banking systems and we hope it will be resolved soon. Customers with an iOS Barclays Banking App should be able to add Current Accounts, selected Savings Accounts and Current Account Mortgages.


Barclaycard is currently unavailable.

My bank balance doesn't include my agreed overdraft amount, is this correct?

Some banks will only display your bank balance not including any agreed overdrafts you have with them.  If you think the balance you can see in our app might be incorrect, you should always double check with your other bank.