Store, track and report on Receipts using the Mobile App


We're closing our receipt management service

How Receipts helps small businesses

Receipts is a free receipt management service which allows you to capture and manage receipts within the mobile banking app. Join the 30,000 customers and counting who are already using the service. Here's a flavour of what Receipts allows you to do;

Store essential information about expenses digitally (expense type, merchant, VAT, total, date and more)

Create reports either in Excel, CSV or PDF to share with your bookkeeper or accountant

Forward e-receipts to a dedicated Receipts address 

Stay within budget by filing expenses in folders that track total spent

Add notes and tags about the business purpose of each expense

Export and digitally archive purchase records 

Account for cash receipts to monitor cash flow

Search by item, currency, category, payment method or date range

View itemised receipts that are automatically reconciled to your bank transactions if paid for using your Ulster Bank cards

Get started with Receipts

I do have the mobile app
  1. Log in to your mobile app
  2. Switch to 'Business' at the top of the page
  3. Select 'Manage Receipts'
  4. You're ready to start capturing Receipts!

I don't have the mobile app

You'll need to download the mobile app to get Receipts. Once you're set up and ready to go, follow the steps on the left to get started. 

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