How is your carbon footprint calculated?

How we calculate your carbon footprint

We'll calculate your carbon footprint by analysing your monthly transactions and match them to their industry category (e.g. grocery, energy, transport).

From £s to kg CO2

Each transaction amount is multiplied by an emissions factor per industry category to calculate the carbon footprint of that purchase. 

For example, if you spend £15 on a dress at an average high-street retailer, that could equate to a footprint of 16kg CO2. The same £15 spent on a dress from a charity shop could have a lower footprint of around 4kg CO2.  

About the calculation

The footprint calculated is a best estimate as we can only see your whole transaction amount, and not your basket level data.

For example, if you spend £50 on grocery shopping, we will not know the individual items you have purchased. 

What you'll see

The number you see when you land on your carbon tracking homepage is the best estimate total carbon footprint for all your transactions for your previous month.

How does your carbon footprint compare?

Make one change

Switch to LED bulbs

Switch to LED bulbs to save money and reduce your CO2 emissions from lighting by up to 90% (Energy Saving Trust)

Try to recycle more

Recycling limits what ends up in landfills, prevents pollution and damage to ecosystems, saves energy, and reduces emissions.

Travel by electric

In the market for a new car? Consider fully electric ones. They emit no harmful emissions when being driven and often qualify for free road tax.