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Local Administrative Control and Accountability

Bankline offers you a range of flexible settings to maximise the local control you have for your business. The enhanced local administrative controls on Bankline help you maximise administrative efficiencies for your business on everyday administrative tasks, e.g. setting up new users, password resets etc.


Local Control

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of users.
  • Create and maintain your own customised "roles" to suit your business hierarchy - each role has a defined access and set of tasks they can perform.
  • Set payment authorisation limits for each user at user level.
  • Customise the system to Dual Administration - where a second independent user must authorise any actions, such as payments.
  • Complete a range of routine tasks locally e.g. resetting passwords.


Audit records

  • Audit logs exist of all actions taken and changes made by users on Bankline.
  • Actions or changes undertaken by the Bank under your instruction are also recorded in the log.
  • Up to 15 months' balance and transaction data is available.
  • Up to 12 months historical billing information available online.
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