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Handy Tips

Make the most of your money throughout the year

Top Tips - How to cut costs

First term

It's easier said than done, but don't run up a massive debt in the first couple of months.


Think about staying in university accommodation for as long as possible - it can be cheaper than renting privately.


  • Shop for food with friends - buying in bulk can save money and means that you can take advantage of the 'buy one get one free' offers.
  • Buy the economy brand at supermarkets - watch out for late night convenience stores where prices may be considerably higher.
  • Don't shop on an empty stomach - or you'll regret it at the checkout when it comes to paying the bill!


Don't rush out and buy every book on your reading list on the first day of term. Check out the college library first - you may be able to photocopy what you need. Check out the Students' Union or college bookstore for 2nd hand books. If you do need to buy new ones make sure you take care of them - you may be able to sell them on when you're finished.


Don't commit yourself to finance companies or take out loans, interest free or not if you really cannot afford the repayment - some luxury items may be way beyond your budget.


Avoid taxis where possible. Limit use of public transport and walk or cycle to college to save yourself money on bus fares. And it will keep you fit!!

Talk on the phone less!

Watch out for high call charges on mobiles and landlines, even a texting habit can cost you a small fortune.

You don't need to suffer!

If you do find yourself struggling, talk to your bank as soon as possible - don't sweep cash problems under the carpet. Whatever the problem - debt, fees, finding it difficult to manage, or the non-appearance of your student grant - your student officer should be able to help.

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