Anytime Banking

With the latest app release on 29th June you can now:

  • Make small payments instantly without a card reader. Our customers told us they wanted a simpler way to pay people. So you can now use the app to make payments of up to 250 securely, using just an account number and sort code. No need to set up a new payee in Anytime Internet banking or rummage around for your card reader.

    Available on selected smartphones with a UK mobile number. Send up to 250 a day of your money to over 16’s. Maximum of 4 payments a day. Payee details will not be saved.
  • Pay Your Contacts just got better. You can now use Pay Your Contacts to instantly pay anyone who’s registered with Paym. All you need is their mobile number. This applies to Ulster Bank and Non-ulster Bank customers.

    Send up to 250 a day of your money to anyone with a UK mobile number. If they have our app or are registered with Paym they will receive the money immediately. Others will need a valid UK Visa card to collect the money, which will be transferred the next business day after collection.

Smart Phone Apps

With our new Mobile Banking App you can:

  • Withdraw money from an ATM without your debit card using our Get Cash service
  • Make Payments to your friends or family using only their mobile number.
  • View transactions history on any of your accounts

Available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry 10.

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Mobile Text Alerts

With our text services you can:

  • Receive a regular weekly text of your account balance
  • Request your latest balance and mini-statement anytime
  • Receive a text when your account goes above or below a set limit
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Business Customers

Our Smart Phone App for business is available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

  • View your personal and business accounts
  • Make transfers and pay bills
  • View your transactions history
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