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Deposits & Investments

Making your money work harder for you and your business

Whatever your line of business, you need to ensure that
you're making your cash surpluses work harder for you

Your business’s cash is a valuable resource. And managing surplus funds effectively can have a very positive impact on your business’s financial performance. Consequently, there are a number of important factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate deposit account for your cash. Obviously the rate of return is crucial. But so too are the service, accessibility and quality of expertise offered by your Business/Relationship Manager.

Key factors:


Understanding Your Business / Sector

Ulster Bank offers a balance of innovation, service and the ability to understand the needs of specific business sectors. Our record of awards underlines this – one our most notable achievements has been winning the KPMG Financial Services Excellence Awards for four consecutive years, between 2005 and 2008.


Your Business/Relationship Manager will discuss your business priorities with you – and in many cases, your personal financial objectives will also be considered so you can identify how to get the best performance from your surplus cash. If more detailed information is needed, a meeting with our team of cash management and investment specialists can be arranged.


It can be easy to overlook the question of service when deciding which deposit account is the best for your business’s cash. So before you make any firm decisions, take the following into account:

  • How easy is it to contact a Business/Relationship Manager?
  • Can you easily contact your customer support centre, Business Centre or Branch for day-to-day queries?
  • Can your bank cater for both your business and personal banking needs?


Generally speaking, for Ulster Bank deposit accounts, the highest rates of interest are available from accounts that require locking away cash for a longer period. Alternatively, you may be asked to maintain a higher minimum balance.


Bankline is Ulster Bank’s online cash management service which gives you secure access to real-time balance and activity reports on your accounts from any internet-connected PC once you open a Business Current Account

See Bankline details

See an online demo of Bankline

What does a deposit account with a Bank offer?

Beyond these basic factors, there are a number of important questions to ask when selecting the right deposit account for your business:

  • Does the account really suit your needs?
  • Is there a minimum balance required?
  • For how long does the rate you’ve been offered last?
  • Are there penalties for breaking your deposit?
  • Are there special fees e.g. opening fees, maintenance fees, breaking fees?

Since the financial requirements of businesses differ, you also need to develop a plan that’s appropriate for your individual cashflow. Some examples of how your cash needs might be grouped are outlined below.

By speaking to your Business/Relationship Manager you can identify the exact levels of access to cash needed by your business. This in turn will help direct your choice of deposit account.


Account type Description Save From Interest Rates
Instant Access
Bonus Access Account Instant access deposit account paying interest on a quarterly basis. Bonus interest paid in quarters where no more than 1 withdrawal is made. 1 View rates
Liquidity Manager Instant access deposit account paying interest on a monthly basis. 1 View rates
Liquidity Select Instant access deposit account where rates can be tailored to suit you and your deposit. Interest is paid monthly. 250,000 Contact your local Business Centre
Fixed Term
Money Desk Deposits From 2,500 at a fixed rate of interest, from 1 week to 1 year. 2,500 Contact your local Business Centre for up to date rates
Money Markets Deposits can be placed from over-night to one year. Non-standard/ longer term periods are also available. 1million Contact Ulster Bank Capital Markets
International Accounts
Currency Call Deposit An instant access deposit account for your foreign currency funds Contact your local Business Centre
Structured Investments
Structured Investments Structured bespoke solutions to meet your investment requirements and risk appetite Contact Ulster Bank Capital Markets

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